City Dental Clinic is one of Albania’s most modern clinics, located in the heart of Tirana 400 meters from Skanderbeg Square. Our clinic offers highly professional services in the field of facial and dental aestheticsoral and maxillofacial surgeryadvanced implantology solutions, and orthodontics. Our focus is on health and beauty, thanks to a team of professional doctors specialized in the various branches of dentistry and surgery.

With the unique objective of offering you exceptional service, we know the value of professional updating, both in equipment and knowledge.


Our staff constantly chairs in scientific conferences and congresses, following the latest protocols in dentistry and surgery. We can create a personalized treatment for you that not only meets all your needs but even exceeds your expectations.

We are a close-knit team that works in synergy to give you always the maximum and to build, step by step, the best possible strategy for your health and beauty. All cases are discussed by a team of four doctors: maxillofacial surgeon, anesthesiologist, prosthetist, and orthodontist. Together, with our experience, we can guarantee you a treatment that will make you smile for the rest of your life.

To give you maximum safety and comfort, we practice intravenous conscious sedation, the only way to deal with surgery without anxiety and fear. Throughout the operation, the patient will be monitored by a doctor who is specialized in anesthesia and resuscitation. Intravenous conscious sedation not only helps those patients suffering from systemic diseases ( heart disease, lung disease,  diabetics, etc.), or particularly anxious subjects, but it helps all patients feel completely relaxed during the surgery.

The main indicators of the quality of our work are the satisfaction and trust of our patients, who motivate us, for almost 10 years now, to improve and always give our best every day. You are our inspiration!

Our Staff