Orthodontics is the dental discipline that deals with the maintenance, restoration, or creation of the correct relationship between the jaws and the dental arches. Furthermore, it corrects the alignment of the teeth, for  regular chewing, phonetic, and aesthetic function. Our clinic offers all modern techniques in the field of orthodontics, mobile, and fixed orthodontic appliances, for children and adults.

Interceptive Orthodontics

Interceptive orthodontics is the first step to re-establish the correct anatomical relationships between the jaws. As with all pathological conditions, prevention and early treatment give the best results. Interceptive orthodontics has the purpose of diagnosing any occlusion problems from childhood, in  age between 4 and 5 years when children become collaborative,  and intervening during the growth period that goes up to puberty.

If the treatment begins during this period, the manifestation of malocclusion can be prevented or, at least the severity of skeletal problems can be reduced. In addition, special mobile appliances are used, called “functional” appliances, which according to the needs of the case can simulate or stop the growth of the jawbone. The mobile appliances are intraoral or extraoral, but sometimes fixed appliances which are cemented in the teeth are also used. 

The fixed interceptive appliances are usually used to correct the transversal deficiency of the upper jaw and are called “Rapid Expanders”. If this anomaly is not corrected during this period, the problem will also extend to the lower jaw and, once growth is complete, the only solution to obtain a correct relationship of the jaws will be orthognathic surgery.

To avoid surgery and to get the best results, it is highly recommended to go to an orthodontist as soon as the children are five years old.

Fixed Orthodontics

When we talk about fixed orthodontics, we mean a device that consists of a system of brackets, bands, tubes, wire, and ligatures. The fixed appliance is the best solution for aligning the teeth, as well as the only way to correct serious occlusive anomalies. 

The brackets are attached on the external surface of the teeth or, in particular cases, where possible, on the internal (lingual) one, thus becoming invisible. The wire is changed every 2 or 3 months, so as to make progressively larger thicknesses tolerable. The treatment lasts about 2 years, although much of it depends on the type of anomaly.

The traditional fixed system uses metal brackets, which are in fact the only solution in case of large dental and jaw discrepancies. The most favorable period for starting fixed therapy is between 12 and 14 years. But there is no real age limit for fixed orthodontics: it is never too late to get a beautiful smile.

Appliances with aesthetic brackets

Anyone preparing to wear an orthodontic appliance is afraid of feeling uncomfortable because of the conspicuous metal brackets on the surface of the teeth. To overcome this aesthetic difficulty, thanks to technological advancement, ceramic or sapphire brackets are used. The former has the same color as the tooth; the latter are transparent so that it is really difficult for someone to notice their presence. The wire, however, is always metallic and is, in fact, the only visible element in this type of appliance.

Damon System

Damon appliances are the most innovative in the orthodontic field. This system offers more efficient, faster, and comfortable treatments. The duration of the treatment is short so that a few meetings will be enough to conclude it. 

The Damon system does not use ligatures, the wire is fixed with a passive covering mechanism that lowers the friction and gives the possibility to the teeth to move faster, without damaging the bone and the gums. The lack of ligatures facilitates the maintenance of hygiene, which is a very important factor for anyone wearing an orthodontic appliance.

Invisible orthodontics

Invisalign®, the invisible clear aligners are the latest generation of orthodontic appliances, able to change your smile and your life forever. After many years of research, orthodontics can finally give you, without anyone noticing, the smile of your dreams.

The system includes a series of totally transparent plastic appliances named aligners, produced in certified laboratories, starting from the SmartTrack® material (a special patented thermoplastic material), following the indications of the orthodontist who studied your case. It is very important to choose a specialized orthodontist in transparent aligners because are they that will design all the movements of every tooth and will establish the number of aligners indicated for each case. 

The aligners must be changed every two weeks and they will all be available to the patient from the first day of treatment so that it is not necessary to go to the dental office month after month to replace them. The invisible aligners are suitable for people of all ages and allow them to carry out any daily activity without hassles or worries.


  • The treatment is completely invisible: nobody will understand that you have gone to the orthodontist
  • The  possibility to view the final result of the treatment thanks to a 3D model of your teeth printed in the laboratory
  • The absence of metal components prevents unwanted reactions on the tissues and wounds on the cheeks and gums
  • The transparent appliances are removable so that chewing and oral hygiene will not be affected
  • Visits to the dental office are sporadic (every 3 or 6 months): the plastic aligners are provided all together since the first meeting
  • Invisible aligners are safe, practical and efficient